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Collaborations and Sponsorship

Recently we have been approached by some cool riders, as well as a few influencers about possible collaborations. For those of you who talked with us – you know that we want to stay close to the riding community, so collaborations with riders is one big and important topic for us.

After long discussions and some serious brainstorming, we decided to lay out our rules of engagement. We want to make transparent for you how do we engage with people, what events and riders do we sponsor and most importantly - why do we do it.

Without further ado – yes, we do collaborations!

Radfahrer Kollaboration

We engage not only through giveaways of our products, but also through our personal time and whatever support we can offer (even if it means bringing a bbq to the skatepark to feed hungry riders after the competition). This is why we want all collaborations to be in line with the spirit of Ride More. Here you may think - ok, great, but what does it really mean? It basically means 3 things:


  • We work with events that promote riding culture. Riding event or a jam is the place where you meet new people, connect with riders from different parts of the world, exchange ideas and simply have fun. That’s a great way to bring people together. These events show that extreme sprots are not exclusive, there is a place for every rider – beginner and pro likewise. This is why we are so proud to help organizing BMX-Jams or Luxembourg BMX Championship.
  • We are supporting projects that are about building riders community. It can be BMX, scooter, bike, MTB, enduro or even Onewheels! We have set up Ride More with the goal to bring like-minded people together to embrace active lifestyle. Good example here is Float Italia - an initiative of Martim, who wants to build a community of onewheelers in Italy and now organizing first Italian get-together and competition for this sport.
  • Last, but not least - we are open to support your personal projects. If you plan to ride all the mountains in Switzerland or if you are on a 365 day biking challenge - we will be proud if our MTB-Gloves will keep you company! It is very hard for us to resist this kind of fun vibe around riding 😊

We don't do collaborations for likes/clicks. Yes, of course - it's great to reach new people, but our main goal is to contribute riders’ community. So if you are coming with x000’ of subscribers and offer x00000 clicks – don’t waste your time, we are not a great partner for you. However, if you are a riding fanatic and you have some crazy project in mind – we are all ears, drop us a message on FB, IG oder E-Mail (contact@).