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Building Onewheel Community in Italy

Story of Martim who builds Onewheel community in Milan

First you need a gear

Martim Float Italia onewheel community


I’m a serious board lover – skateboard, snowboard, you name it. The first time I've heard about Onewheel was in 2014 when the Kickstarter campaign started. Only after watching their promo video I already knew – “I will definitely LOVE to ride this thing".

It took 10 days to arrive, I've watched ALL YouTube videos and tutorials about it in the meantime. When it arrived, I was so nervous and excited that I was shaking (short video in Portugese from the day it arrived

It was definitely "love at the first ride". Carving empty roads, going up 10km, going down other 10km, asphalt, off-road, grass, hills, downhills. Everywhere was rideable.

Share your passion, bring people together

Once I got hooked with Onewheel I wanted to meet other people who have this fever. I always worked with social media, digital marketing and I've noticed that an Italian Onewheel channel was missing. There was none. I'm Brazilian and my Italian is not perfect, but why not? right?!

Float Italia is the first Onewheel channel to create content exclusively about Onewheel where the main objective is to grow the Onewheel scene in Italy putting together all the OW Italian community. I am learning about Onewheel and sharing everything I learn. How to change a tire? How to climb the sidewalk? Learning and sharing.

This attracted onewheelers around Italy and people started to collaborate and send their ideas, send us videos (see here Tutorial von Enrico Grande, a onewheeler that I have never met but have the same passion) and also building rails with our logo on it (see here a video with the rail building by Michelangelo Petruccio, other guy that I've met riding onewheel).

Onewheel made me know new people and make new friends, it gives me 15 min of complete freedom, floating around the city, listening to music, and chilling. It's my lunchtime escape. It's my transport to work. It's my free time and it's starting to become also my work.

What next?

We are organizing a big event in Tuscany at the end of May if Covid allows us to do so. The first national group ride and race, with sponsors and prizes for the winners.

Who is Martim?

Martim is a 32 years old Brazilian guy who lives in Milan, recent father, passionate about board sports in general, photography and video making, works with digital marketing and social media. We have met Martim online – he tagged us in one of his post riding Onewheel in Boomer Bike Gloves. We started to talk, his passion about onewheel was trully contagious! We totally fell for his Float Italia project and building a onewheel community. We hope it is going to expand to Float Luxembourg and Float Europe. Fingers crossed!