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Knieschoner Kinder Skateboard
Gelb schwarz protektoren kinder
schoner kinder scooter
bunte schutzausrüstung kinder für skateboard
knieschützer inliner kinder
skateboard schutzausrüstung kinder
schützer inline skates kinder
kinder protektoren set
bunte  schoner set kinder gelb schwarz

BumbleBee is flying around in the skatepark! 6-pack protective gear for kids with knee, elbow and wrist protection pads, in unique black and yellow design. Loved by the youngest generation of skaters.

Sport: scooter, inline skates and skateboard
Level: beginner
Age: 3+
Tip: Model on the picture is 4 years old

RideMore Protective Gear Set for kids:

  • EASY TO PUT ON - with adjustable elastic straps and picture instructions it is easy to put these protectors on. Your kid can wear them directly on arms and legs, or put them on the top of the clothes.
  • STRONG PROTECTION - these knee- and elbow pads, and wrist guards are designed for kids sports protection, especially for roller skating, riding scooter and skateboarding. They absorb part of the shock during the fall and protect skin and underling tissues during the contact with the ground.
  • LIGHT AND BREATHABLE - our protectors are padded with lightweight, ventilated EVA foam. It provides cool air flow and handles perspiration. It is light and extra comfortable for kids to wear, while it still ensures appropriate shock absorption.

Protective gear for kids - BumbleBee

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