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gelb dunn Fahrradhandschuhe, für Roller, Skateaboard, BMX, MTB
gelb Fahrradhandschuhe für Skateboard, BMX, MTB, Fahrrad
BMX slip-on handschuhe mit festem griff
BMX handschuhe herren
Fahrradhandschuhe herren slip-on
Fahrradhandschuhe mit festem griff, slip-on
gelb Rollerhandschuhe für herren
Größentabelle Rollerhandschuhe

For BMX, scooter and bike 

OK Boomer are chilled bike gloves, designed for skaters and riders. Perfect for BMX, MTB, scooter, as well as for casual city bike rides. If you are looking for a professional gloves with a solid grip, good ventilation and no velcro - you have just found the right product. We have combined cutting edge technology and workout-friendly solutions to give you maximum control and comfort during your training session. 

Your RideMore bike gloves:

  • SLIP-ON DESIGN - pull tag, no need to worry about velcro or zipper.
  • SECOND SKIN - breathable thanks to single-layer, one piece of microfiber leather with extra respiratory system. No stitches nor padding come between you and the handlebar.
  • SOLID STITCHING - adjusted for frequent hand-to-handlebar traction, designed to fully benefit from 4-way stretch material; these BMX gloves will not fall apart easily. Plus you can wash them in the washing machine, as often as needed.
  • EXTRA GRIP - non-stop contact with your handlebar thanks to silicon anti-slide design on the palm and on the braking fingers.
  • SMARTPHONE COMPATIBILITY - with touchscreen-friendly material on the thumb and index fingers; you can use your mobile throughout all your riding session

Keep in mind - our freestyle gloves are shorter than ie. classic winter gloves and also extra tight; all to provide maximum flexibility and good connection with a handlebar. If you want to hear more about the glove technology that we applied - just click on "About Gloves" section of this website!

Bike gloves - OkBoomer

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