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5 reasons to wear protective gear for BMX or scooter

Probably you ask yourself - why should I wear any protection at all.. But really, why not? 

It’s like with seat belts – you may wonder about it until you see the first accident. Enough said that Formula1 drivers do not ask this question, they all buckle up before the race begins. Same with pro riders – they rarely practice new tricks without any extra gear. Costs of getting injured and missing the season are simply too high. The problem of 'gear vs no gear' narrows down to regular riders and their fashion choices. 

Unfortunately, here the comparison between casual riders and casual car drivers ends, because - unlike seat belts - protection in the skatepark is not obligatory. There is no ‘skatepark police’ (lol) who could check if your gear is ok or would manage the skatepark traffic and split scooters from skateboards and skateboards from BMX. Maybe occasionally one of the excessively concerned fathers tries to protect riding area of his kid, but that’s all.

It’s not a rocket science, if you ever fell down you know it can hurt. Sometimes it can hurt real bad. But have you ever considered that maybe these falls are the reason that you learn a new trick slower? Or that it takes you ages to clear a bit bigger jump?

Below we put together a few reasons why to wear protection:

  1. Less bruises and abrasions (duh), so you can maintain your pretty face outside of the skatepark. Missing teeth or broken nose can be quite an obstacle during a first date. And even if you are solo - you can just imagine the pain of grabbing a drink with a broken wrist, or dubious pleasure of shower with a cast on your leg.
    Bored girl with grimace
  2. You don’t spend your time healing injuries. Instead you can spend this time riding. Obligatory holidays in hospital are expensive and .. boring. Your friends may visit you once or twice, but while they can enjoy road trips, parties and bonfires – you stay in bed. They go riding – you stay in bed. They hang out after hours – you stay in bed. Or limp around it. Depending on the injury.
  3. You are less afraid to fall down. We all know this cold feeling in the stomach when you look in front of you and the jump is too big. Or too steep. Or the landing is too far away. Your body does not cooperate, you cannot get the trick right, and keep on falling down one time after the other. Fear. The worst enemy of every rider. If you hurt yourself once, twice or ten times – your body shivers on a pure idea of repeating the experience. Instead of learning a new thing – you are focused on not hurting yourself. Guess what – it does not have to hurt. 
    Skater trick with protection
  4. You learn faster, you enjoy more. You probably remember adrenaline rush that came after your first barspin/ tailwhip/ backfilp (you name it). It came because you did something new and something cool. If you have been doing barspins for the last 5 years – you probably still like it, it still feels good, but ‘the kick’ is much smaller. Dial up your game! Doing something new and extraordinary can boost the fun level. And if you learn something new – you also get extra confidence, that you can do cool stuff, so it will be easier to learning the next thing after it. Kind of a vicious circle ;)
  5. You don’t piss off people that care about you. Whatever you think, no matter how independent you are - there are always people around who genuinely care about your well-being. And who are getting upset if you are hurting yourself. Be a nice person. Don’t give them a reason to worry.
    Friends by Ana Paula Lima from Pexels

Our company has started because of the reason nr5. One day, after particularly bloody accident, when one ankle got strangely loose and a few teeth went missing – we decided to start producing BMX protection and scooter protection. Cool, high quality gear. This kind of protection that will actually help you if you fall down and will not be embarrassing to put on if you want to hang out with your friends later. The rest was history :)

Enough said, nothing makes a point better than a video. As an additional inspiration see below links to some fail compilations that we use as a reference point for product development:

Bonus track about ‘hurting real bad’ – Russell Peters. Sometimes you need a protection outside of the skatepark too.

If you have skatepark fail story that fits into that scheme – share it with us!