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Sustainability Report 2021

We are a young company focused on outdoor sports. Our mission is to bring more people to the streets, parks and skateparks. From this perspective - the outdoor environment, or broader - nature - is our most important partner. We are responsible towards our customers and towards the planet, to ensure that our commercial activities do not damage natural environment. 

Goal: sustainable growth

In a nutshell - we take sustainability very seriously. From Day1 we have embedded it into our decision making. It means for us much more than to produce from sustainable materials. We look at carbon footprint of our processes and aim to capture direct and indirect effects of our business operations. Today, more than 12 months after introducing the first Ride More bike gloves to the market, we want to share with you an update on how we progress towards the goal of being net carbon neutral company.

We are happy to share with you our first Ride More Sustainability Report. You can find there our sustainability commitments and our progress towards meeting them, including both successes stories and challenges we face in this journey. From this report you can learn what is our take on the sustainable e-commerce, how did we define our internal green objectives and what works we have done to achieve them in the last 12 months. 

Click and download: Ride More Sustainability Report 2021

We realize that there are still multiple opportunities to improve our carbon footprint and optimize processes from a sustainability perspective. At Ride More, we continue to put efforts into implementing them.

Bunte MTB Fahrradhandschuhe

If you have ideas, suggestions or tools that can help us on our journey to net zero carbon do not hesitate to reach out to us on green (at)