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Skateparks in Luxembourg

There are many great spots in Luxembourg to ride your BMX and scooter. Possibly the most famous one, also among non-riders, is the Peitruss skatepark. It has been opened in 2016 and quickly became very popular due to its central location in the heart of Luxembourg, in the middle of the Peitruss Park. It is a great meeting spot for riders, but anyone who has tried to ride there on Saturday afternoon knows way too well how crowded it can be..

BMX in Dudelange Skatepark Luxemburg


We want to present you with other great riding alternatives, so today we start a project to review all the skateparks in Luxembourg. This series is dedicated to all local Scooter and BMX community, as well as to all the riders who travel around Europe and are looking for some good spots to ride. We focus on freestyle riding spots, with ramps and bowls, places that are BMX- and Scooter friendly. Don’t worry – after we are done here the 'MTB / bike parks quest' will follow.

Our list of skateparks in Luxembourg:

  • Remich (4 Route du Vin, 5405 Remich)
  • Peitruss (2 Rue Saint-Quirin, 2327 Luxembourg)
  • Dudelange (Route de Thionville, 3481 Dudelange)
  • Wasserbillig (59 Rue de la Moselle, 6683 Mertert)
  • Schifflange (Chemin de Bergem, 3817 Schifflange)
  • Niederanven (around 8 Routscheed, 6939 Niederanven)
  • Sandweiler (Rue d’Itzig, 5238 Sandweiler)
  • Rumelange (Rue de la Bruyere, Rümelingen)
  • Echternach (Place du Marché, 6581 Echternach)
  • Kaul Wiltz (66-82 Campingstrooss, 9560 Wiltz)
  • Hollerich (Rue de l'Abattoir, 2342 Luxembourg)
  • Gasperich (18 Rue Julien Vesque, 2668 Luxembourg)
  • Esch/Belval (Avenue du Blues, Esch-sur-Alzette)


In the upcoming weeks we will be reviewing each skatepark in more details, so stay tuned. We will update this list with a short description of riding opportunities in every spot and our subjective rating. If you think that there is a skatepark for BMXs and Scooters that we have missed here – let us know! Follow our RideMore Facebook and/or RideMore Instagram to track our progress on this Luxembourg skatepark quest.