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Skatepark Guide for Beginners (2)

We have started a series “Skatepark for newbies” - articles about how to go around the skatepark grounds. Of course, old skaters will tell you “The rule is: there are no rules”, but number of accidents caused by newbies and insane number of clashes between BMX, skateboard and scooters indicate that this post may be useful.

The goal is to give you tips about how skatepark is organized, so that you don’t get hurt or you don’t hurt someone accidentally on your first day there. Since people are going to skatepark to ride you can start off with “Skatepark Rules part1”, where we write about how to choose lines to avoid collisions. However, this does not exhaust the topic.

Skatepark Rules p2

People come to the skatepark to ride, but also to chill, talk, catch up with friends or to watch their kids and teach them how to ride. It is a great place, where everyone is welcomed and everyone fits. Here are some useful ideas to keep in mind, especially if you are new to the skatepark:

  • Do not sit on the rails/ledges: they are used for riding, and the wax will ruin your trousers anyways. You can recognize ledges being used by polished or scratched edges. If you choose to sit there most likely you are blocking someone’s line. It is also likely that BMX rider or scooter rider does not expect you to sit there and may crash into you. Beware! sitting there may hurt.

 Skatepark regeln - nicht am ledge sitzen

  • Clean up before you ride : to some people it may come as a surprise, but there is no cleaning service in the skatepark. Riders that come first simply take a brush to remove leaves or dry up the kickers. If you are the first one – you are that person. Do some good for humanity and prepare the park if necessary. Others who come later will thank you for that.
  • Take your garbage with you: same logic as above. There is no cleaning service in the skatepark. If bring a juicy kebab and energy drink - don’t leave the leftovers and plastic packaging on the benches. It is really bad experience to sit on the greasy spot or to have a plastic bag fly into you when you do the trick. If you leave trash behind you most likely some other rider will have to clean up your mess. Not cool! For many skaters the skatepark is their second home, they spend there a lot of time, so please respect their home and don’t trash it.

 Skatepark regeln - nimm dein Müll mit

If you are a parent who brings his kid for the first time to the skatepark we are preparing separate articles for you: “should I bring my kid to the skatepark” and “how to prepare my kid for the skatepark”. Coming up soon!