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Ride More in a nutshell

71 meters or 30 seconds - that's how much we had to pitch Ride More Protection. The concept is simple - you get to the elevator and you to to the business as long as the lift goes up.

RTL & Silicon Luxemburg - Elevator Pitch 

Ride More in a nutshell? Here you go:

  • Sustainable designs
  • High quality gear
  • Support from local riding community

As a bonus there is an amazing scenery - video was shot in the one of the most scenic spots in Luxembourg: the Pfaffental Lift. Link to the the full RTL video below:

RTL Luxembourg Silicon Luxembourg elevator pitch poster

First time we have pitched this idea already in 2018, to the most demanding audience: local riding community. Pitch was a great success and started one amazing journey.

A lot of things have changed since, so it was a good moment to stop and look back. We can confirm that the core idea behind Ride More has not changed: together with the local bike community we work to make extreme sports more inclusive.

Big THANK YOU to all the sponsors: Silicon Luxembourg, Orange Luxembourg, RTLToday RTL Lëtzebuerg for making it happen. It was a pleasure to share our Ride More idea with you.