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Remich Skatepark

This year we are visiting all skateparks in Luxembourg. The first one on our skatepark map was Remich skatepark – place highly appreciated by top local riders.

Luxemburg Skatepark Guide: Remich

Skatepark Flow: Great for park riders, less great for street. Opportunities for both beginners and pros. The well sized step-up fun box in the middle (with hip option) is perfect for learning new tricks, but you really need to pin it order to clear it. You can come up with a few nice lines and if you are using well the hips on the side you can pump around easily. The curved concrete quarter-pipe with wall-ride over it is definitely a more unique feature not seen often in small city skateparks. There is a small box with ledge and an A-rail on the side if you want to do some street jibbing after catching a handful of air.

Luxemburg Skatepark Remich

Sports: BMX, scooter, MTB.  

Location: Skatepark is located in an epic spot – very close to the German border, next to Moselle River. It’s easy to get there with a car, a bit less convenient if you rely on public transportation (take bus to Remich).

Facilities: It has big parking lot, as well as some extra facilities: free water faucet, toilets and some benches to chill. Before you reach the skatepark there is an open-air gym/ parkour area where you can warm-up. Most importantly there is good lighting until 22.30!

Good to know: Extra location points for the proximity of Remich promenade with some shops and cafes (food and drink opportunity!). If you prefer to grill your own food instead there is also a grill spot behind the skatepark area, or you can walk a few meters direction Bech-Kleinmacher and set up your BBQ directly next to Moselle.

Remich Skatepark Luxembourg

Our opinion: We love it. This place has a great flow, one of the best in Luxembourg, especially if you like to fly. Far fewer riding opportunities for street riders. Definitely worth to check it out and combine it with Perl bike park.