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MTB World: Small Forest Jam Budapest

Are you travelling in May to Hungary? Not sure yet? Here is a good reason for a little trip.

MTB Freeride Event in Hungary


The annual Small Forest Jam will be going down again on May 21st 2022, in a small forest (duh!) in Budapest. This is an opportunity for all the riders to get together, showcase their skills, and celebrate our shared love to Freeride.


Come to the jumpspot The Gödör (Pit). This is a central location for the Budapest riding scene, featuring intermediate and advanced freeride jump lines and the (in)famous Taygetos drop - a passage for riders looking to push their limits.

Best trick, best line, best style and sendit! award winners will walk away with sick Ride More swag! Check out the video from last year's jam here: 

Join us also this year!

Here is the link to the Facebook event of the 2022 Small Forest Jam edition: