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Key elements of protective gear

A few weeks ago, we wrote about the reasons to wear protective gear. Hopefully you took it very seriously, decided to boost your stamina and ease-up the pain of the training, and now you are looking into the BMX protection or scooter protection. Great. But it seems that shelves are full with odd equipment, so what exactly should you choose?

We have decided to write a series of articles to help you out with that question. Let’s start with the basics: what are the key elements of the protective gear? See below a picture to illustrate it:


Ride More Protection_protection gear checklist

While the list of items as shown above stays true for both BMX and scooter, it is worth noting that an actual protection gear in both sports is not the same. Even when it comes to choosing the right BMX gear you need to consider if it is meant for BMX racer or for BMX dirt rider.

Of course, there are also pieces of equipment that are interchangeable between scooter and BMX, especially at the beginner level. For example, BMX freestyle helmet works really well for scooter riders. Similarly, BMX gloves provide equally good grip in case of BMX freestyle riders, scooter riders, as well as downhill MTB and even casual bike riders.

Things start to be trickier when it comes to knee and elbow protection – where scooter users are prone to different kind of injuries vs BMX riders.

Stay tuned for the upcoming posts where we will go deeper into differences between #BMXProtection and #ScooterProtection.