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Hello world!

Hi everybody! We are Ride More Protection. A few months back, after particularly nasty skatepark accident, we started to make jokes about opening a company producing protection. Needless to say, our customers were supposed to be 2 heroes of the accident - BMX and kick scooter. Out of the sudden it turned out that we have tons of ideas what to produce, how to produce, what we could do differently than big companies. And how awesome it would be to work with and for our community.

The more we talked about it - the clearer it was that we just have to do it. We put together ideas, calculated money needed and .. boom - with a few solid high-fives and handshakes Ride More Protection has begun . Now we had to make it legal :) This is how pilgrimage towards House of Entrepreneurship has started. Thanks to these guys the whole bureaucratic process was not that painful.

And here we are - 3 months later, with an officially registered company and all necessary business permits we are working on first products. Our office is still work in progress, but hey - what kind of start up would we be if all was pretty and easy from day one!