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Glam and boujee .. our pro photoshoot

Perfect freestyle gloves are already with us. Now we just had to figure out how we can show it to you, in all their splendor and glory. We had a big and mighty DSLR camera, with two different lenses and even a gimbal, but after a few hours in the skatepark we soon realized this was all not enough. Gloves are horribly difficult to shoot! We needed a professional.


This is when Sab came in. Our 007 of product photography, after a few days of product analysis send us an encrypted message: Sunday, 10 am, Péitruss skatepark.

With a big smile and a full backpack of lenses, zooms, tripods, gimbals and all other hi-tech equipment Sabino has quickly pre-set a stage for our first photoshoot. Weather was perfect - sun was shining and epic city walls of Luxembourg made an excellent background to the rider in the gloves. You cannot have it all - since it was January and it has been snowing and raining for last 2 weeks - the ramps, the bowl and even the skatepark surface were super slippery, so we had to give up on shooting any tricks, or jumping. These have been postponed for summer, when we plan to have a knee/shin protection ready as well.

Pictures were perfect, plus we had tons of fun during the photoshoot - so big thanks to Sabino! You can find more of Sab's work under his website https://sabinoparente.com/, as well as on his instagram.