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BMX quarantine - day 45

City under lockdown, BMX in the basement - we dust off the archives

This is the best way to describe our last month. We keep on working on the new products (yeah, scooter protection for YA coming soon!), but it seems that whole world.. froze. Hibernated. Stopped. 

Skateparks, shops, cinemas - everything has been closed. Gloomy updates firstly from Milan and then from other big European cities, terrifying news from New York  - convinced us better than anything else that hashtag #stayathome actually makes sense.

So we have put our gear in the basement, and moved life .. online: Instagram, YT and TikTok. Especially the latter one with the infinite scroll of crazy videos absorbed us for days (and nights) :)

And you know how it works - once you see other people doing crazy things you laugh at first, then you play with the thought for a while, and before you realize there is already a plan how to repeat that madness in your own kitchen or garden. So yes, our tictoc videos are in production, and in the meantime we have also dusted off some of the videos from "before" times. Here is a sample:


While Tictoc videos are in the editing - we wanted to give a big shout out for all our followers and all folks followed by us on social media - you were endless source of inspiration and motivation last days. Thanks to your stories and posts this crazy time seems a bit more bearable. You have brought us some virtual sunshine and big thank you for that!