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BMX Christmas

Ho, ho, ho. Somewhere between test labs, factories and skate parks we have noticed that the weather has changed. It became annoyingly cold, there was ice on the skatepark grounds, and shop windows changed colors - all to "coca-cola red". Yes, without a doubt - Christmas time was coming.

Since it is more important to give than to take - we have decided to do something nice for our BMX friends. New year means New Year's resolutions, and if you make them - you need to write them down (duh!).

This is how the idea of BMX 2020 calendar was born. Few weeks of work and here we are - just in time for Christmas, with a new and shiny BMX calendar available on Amazon.

It is solid 200 pages of calendar, with a monthly and weekly planning area, as well as BONUS sections: riders' trick dictionary, fun BMX facts, bike-check and protection-check section.

Here are the links to different Amazon websites, where you can get these:

We have noticed that our calendars are also available on https://www.bol.com/nl/ and https://www.bookdepository.com/, despite we don't have accounts there ;) But it is Christmas, and we want to share BMX love.

So whatever book website is most convenient for you - don't hesitate and check out our calendars there. Let us know if you like them, what you found cool and what you want to see there next year - we can pimp it up more for the next 2021 edition.