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Gloves madness

Our gloves went through a lot..

Have you ever considered what constitutes a great riding glove? We have spent a few busy months on testing, trying, washing, cutting and doing other crazy stuff with gloves.. All to figure out what works and what doesn't. There was a lot of falling down (in controlled and uncontrolled environment), scissor works and many, sometimes awkward, in-person hand measurements.
We took the best existing fabrics and solutions that passed skatepark/street tests, and put them together into our glove design. Do you want to hear more about our freestyle gloves? Read on!

4-way stretch

We use high quality fabric that has added elastane to create the right amount of stretch in each direction to ensures your comfort.

- Perfect fit & freedom: 4-way stretch fabrics can extend in both cross-wise and long-wise direction. This way our gloves gives you full freedom of movement and perfect fit at the same time.
- Light & breathable: with its light weight and breathable structure - our fabrics are designed to make you feel comfortable when you are riding. 


We use a high quality synthetic fabric. It is a non-woven material coating with a layer of high performance polyurethane resins. On abrasion tests it scores up to 8000 RPM (yes, that's a lot).

- Second skin feeling: it is an ultra light, breathable material. While it replicates features of real leather such as the hand-feeling, breath-ability and moisture absorption; it is additionally more durable than natural material of the same thickness.
- Endless grip: while microfiber we use has real leather feeling it also has resistance for abrasions (ensuring your gloves will not fall apart easily) and anti-bacteria and anti-odor characteristics.

Z stiching

Thread that we use for finishing of the gloves is based on the left-twist yarn, enhanced further by another left twist on the sawing machine. Fun fact - same stitching technique is also used in plastic surgeries to improve the functional and cosmetic appearance of scars.

- Durability: we have selected the stitches that will keep the structure of the glove together, allow maximum stretch and provide long term resistance for every day use.
- Comfy slip-on: thanks to Z-stitching we could give-up on velcro, and fully rely on the 'slip-on' structure. No more loose fasteners, nor dangling parts around your wrists while you ride.

It is awesome


Thumb and index fingers are covered with conductive material making our gloves extremely touchscreen positive. 

- Always on: you don't need to take off your gloves to change the song, snatch a video or pick up a call. It's good to disconnect sometimes, but we believe it has to be your decision, not the limitation of your outfit.

Technical specification

ModelFreestyle Gloves
SportsBMX, trottinette / kick-scooter, electric scooter, recreational bike
Product attributes
Outer fabric materialMicrofiber
Palm fabric materialClarino leather
Touchscreen finger fabricsMicrofiber
Anti slide solutionSilicon
Closing typePull tag
Care and maintenance
Washing temperaturemax 40 C/104 F
Washing recommendationswash in low temperatures, with similar colors
Dryeryes, short program for delicate fabrics 


We have doubled down on comfort and durability, so you can forget that you are wearing the gloves. Don't hesitate to wash them from time to time ;)


Every hand is different. Your gloves don't fit perfectly? They don't match the riding outfit? Don't worry - you can return the product


For orders above 20 EUR we shipping is on us! We use only trusted transportation providers to make sure you get your product on time.

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BMX gloves - freestyle BMX collection

We make The Best Gloves. Ever.


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