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BMX championship Luxembourg 2020

After several tough months and a particularly quiet summer – finally there is a BMX event on the horizon: BMX Championship in Luxembourg. If you want to meet a local BMX community, see some cool tricks and ride with us – pack up your gear (+ face mask, it’s still a corona time), and come over to the skatepark. Here are some organizational details: Event happens in 4 locations - Schifflange, Betrange, Dudelange, and Peitrusse Skatepark Event is open air, so we are at the mercy of the Luxembourgish weather. Confirmed dates: 1st Stop Schifflange 10.10.20 2nd Stop Dudelange 11.10.20 At every stop there is one Best Trick Award and 1st, 2nd & 3rd Place Awards. Event is organized by a...


5 reasons to wear protective gear for BMX or scooter

Top reasons to put on protection when going to the skatepark. In the end of the day it is not all about a few bruises that you can get if you don't wear knee-pads or gloves. Protection gives you an extra weapon - a confidence boost to try new things, practice, make mistakes and learn on them. This is how you turn from a casual rider to a pro.


BMX quarantine - day 45

Quick update from our quarantine life, where our BMX and scooter rest quietly in the basement while we immerse into the endless video archives of Youtube and infinite scrolls of TicToc. And we put together a small video from Trier Skatepark. Enjoy!